Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Businesses and Jobs

Dec 29, 2020
International Business Forum held its fifth Webinar

It is no longer related to the development of a steam engine or the discovery of electricity, nor is it related to some inventions such as the invention of the telephone and the light bulb .. Everything has become more complicated and the responsibility falls on everyone's shoulders.

A soft, fierce revolution, a revolution of money, currencies and information, and the dilemma is that its weapons are within everyone's reach ... its weapons are computer buttons, and what many are not aware of, it has already begun ... it is the fourth revolution.

A digital revolution that represents new ways in which technology becomes an integral part of societies and even the human body, characterized by the penetration of emerging technology into a number of fields, including robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, autonomous vehicles and others. As a forum that includes businessmen from around the world, we realize that every business owner should be aware of the rationale for this digital revolution and benefit from it in line with the development of the world.

In our Webinar that we held on December 29, 2020, artificial intelligence was our topic, we hosted leaders and minds in the field, where we participated from Dubai the global doctor Rami Shaheen; the CEO of ITI Group, and awarded as a most influential AI Consultants in 2020 from Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, and he is the first Arab trainer in Valley Silicon - USA, also from Jordan Eng Abdul Qader Al-Batayneh; the Director of Policies and Information at the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship in Jordan, and from Syria Eng Mamoun Jamous Former Lecturer and Researcher at University Technology Malaysia (UTM) & Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU), and for Turkey Eng Suat Berkant; the Command & Control and Artifical Intelligence Engineer in Altınay Group, and the moderator of the Webinar was Mr. Mohamed Ghazal; the CEO of Profix group and the Chairman of IBF Middle East.

Over the course of an hour and a half, each speaker addressed the most important businessmen issue about artificial intelligence and answered the most common questions about it. The first thing that comes to minds is how we encourage keeping up with the fourth revolution in which robots replace humans and we mainly suffer from a high rate of unemployment, as Speakers commented on this as a wrong concept among many, as the fourth revolution was originally created for the sake of human and for there well-being, and what it will do is restructure recognized jobs, reformulate societal and institutional capacities, and will never create unemployment, and what proves this is the statistics that say that transformation Digital will create 183 million new jobs.

In regards for the topic of The importance of digital transformation and its situation around the world the speakers stated that the Corona pandemic demonstrated the importance of this transformation and proved two things: The first is that the necessary infrastructure for digital transformation is present in all countries of the world, and the second has proven in turn that we were not moving fast enough for a complete digital transformation, and they emphasized that digital transformation and reliance on artificial intelligence has become a condition, not a choice.

And they sent a message to businessmen who are keen to develop their business and keep up with the times, that every business owner must carry out the required digital transformation within his company as quickly as possible, because the world is developing faster than we can imagine and whoever has not started now may miss the train.

It is noteworthy that the symposium was held in Arabic and Turkish via the Zoom app, in addition to a live broadcast in both languages via YouTube. Here it is mentioned that the Webinar achieved the highest viewership since the beginning of the "IBF Talks" where the Webinar was followed by nearly (4000 viewers) on each of YouTube And the zoom App In addition to a very high rate of interaction by asking questions from followers throughout the Webinar.