JANUARY 16, 2020
With the participation of around 180 businessmen, IBF had performed the “7th MÜSİAD Members and Arab Businessmen Summit – Bursa” hosted by MÜSİAD Bursa.

The founding president of MÜSİAD and President of IBF Mr. Erol Yarar, President of MÜSİAD Bursa Mr. Nihat Alpay as well as approximately 180 businessmen participated in the meeting. 

“We have to work to increase the existing trade relations with the Islamic World” said Alpay. He also stated that MÜSİAD Bursa is here to establish new business opportunities between the Arab businessmen and MÜSİAD members to contribute to the economy of Bursa and Turkey.

On the other hand, Mr. Erol Yarar mentioned about the lack of a corporate cooperation within the Islamic World. “We are trying to fill this need by organising annual meetings in cities where there is a remarkable number of Arab businessmen. The purpose of those meetings is to introduce to the Arab businessmen our MÜSİAD members and create opportunities for new business deals between them” said Mr. Yarar.

During the organization, new investment projects were presented and B2B meetings were held between the businessmen. The 2nd IBF Turk-Arab Business Summit that will be held on 14th of March 2020 as well as the MÜSİAD Expo Fair (18-21 November 2020) were also promoted during the 7th MÜSİAD Members and Arab Businessmen Summit – Bursa”.