About IBF

Established by five businessmen and industrialists in 1990, MÜSİAD is a strong “non-governmental organization," representing 50,000 enterprises with over 11,000 members in Turkey and abroad. It employs approximately 1.6 million employees and serves with 86 domestic and 223 international contact points in 93 countries in total. Its members’ issues, opinions and proposals are communicated to public institutions and organizations.

International Business Forum (IBF) is an international platform of annual congresses and joint commercial activities bringing 42 business associations from nearly 25 countries (Turkey, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Tunisia, Syria, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Egypt, Mauritania, Lebanon, Iran, Malaysia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Indonesia and etc.) together since the year of 1995. This platform was found on the basis of the principle of establishing “Global Business Networks” among Muslim Businessmen with the main focus of finding reasonable solution to develop economic ties, sustain cooperation, reinforce communication, and accelerate social and economic development between countries.

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At the Congresses where concrete solutions are submitted under the main theme, so many activities like high level panels, presentations of multinational business projects, country briefings of representative delegations from different countries and real life experiences in business are realized. Furthermore, sector-specific business meetings and business matching sessions are also organized to increase the trade volume among participating businessmen.

The last session -22nd IBF Congress- was held synchronously with 17th MUSIAD Expo Fair in Istanbul under the auspices of H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Republic of Turkey on November 20, 2018. The main theme of the Congress was ‘Pluralism and Justice in the World Monetary System’. During the panel sessions, we tried to find answers to the questions below:

“How the world financial system can be fair and just?”

“What are the necessary steps to build up alternative economic models?”

“Is it possible to pass to pluralistic monetary systems?”

Additionally, the role of Blockchain System and cryptocurrencies for international monetary system was discussed on panel session.

Briefly stated, International Business Forum is a voluntarily-based, non-governmental platform for gathering of Muslim business people from all over the globe where they try to stimulate trade, investment and co‑operation.


  • To coin and utilize the Islamic ethical virtues among the conventional business life. 
  • To direct and empower the commercial relationships in line with national principles & interests, co‑operation among the members and among the member countries at regional and global level.
  • To enhance the commercial activities and to develop trade among members and member countries.
  • To provide the optimal use of the potentials which will be of complementary nature in member countries.
  • To promote trade and investment in the member countries.
  • To increase the joint-ventures in the member countries in trade and industry.
  • To promote joint-ventures and co-operation on manufacturing and trade projects among the member countries of the Forum.
  • To support the co-operation among the members vis-à-vis technology transfer, technical assistance, consultancy, education and transfer of the experience and know-how.
  • To assist with consultation-wise and institutionally to chambers of commerce and other similar organizations in order for them to modernize their practices in trade and industry field.
  • To give service and assistance to their members and increase their performance in their practice.

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